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What is RDP? Remote Desktop Protocol, or RPD, is a fascinating series of protocols released by Microsoft, Inc. to help connect different computer systems together in a revolutionary way through a working network connection. It fundamentally uses graphics interface and acts as a terminal server for users which is easy to use, navigate and work […]


Understanding Workday No business-related conversation or a discussion on science and technology these days are complete without mentioning the far and wide reached of Workday as a multipurpose application, its unbeatable future as a managerial giant or its faithful clientele that depends heavily on its functioning to run a business. Workday is a recent storm […]

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The world of sport is subject to various ups and downs; just one instance is enough to change the outcomes of the match being played between two teams or groups. To make different types of sports or games, people have adopted to bid real money on the results of these games. For instance, if you […]

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All it takes is one careless moment, a single second where you’re not holding onto your phone tight enough. And there, in that split second either a gust of rather strong wind caught you unaware, someone bumped into you rather unceremoniously or maybe it was nothing like that at all; maybe your phone screen just […]